NexID liveness detection and spoof mitigation solutions can reduce the vulnerability to spoofing of existing biometric authentication platforms.
We are developing liveness and other anti-spoofing technology which can be readily incorporated into existing commercial devices.
Our in-house spoof lab can test thousands of unique fingerprint spoofing recipes and techniques.

Authenticate with confidence.

What We Do – Utilizing patented software technology, we provide our customers with a systems-level approach to enhancing biometric solutions utilizing the latest biometrics innovations for liveness detection and spoof mitigation.

Products – Our flagship product is a software-based, fingerprint liveness detection application that exploits raw image characteristics between real fingers and spoof attacks, thereby instilling confidence into our customers’ biometric authentication solutions.

Services – We can analyze and test your current fingerprint scanning devices for vulnerabilities against the latest spoofing techniques and materials, and offer solutions for minimizing identified vulnerabilities.