NexID Biometrics CEO Schuckers Testifies to Congress

POTSDAM, NY – May 21, 2013 – Dr. Stephanie Schuckers, CEO of NexID Biometrics, a leading provider of spoof mitigation and liveness detection solutions for the biometric authentication industry, today testified as an expert witness to the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Research and the Subcommittee on Technology in a joint hearing on the Current and Future Applications of Biometric Technologies. In her testimony Dr. Schuckers represented the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR). A press release and photo gallery are available at the following links, respectively:, and

About NexID Biometrics

NexID Biometrics is a leading software and technology supplier to the biometric authentication industry. The company develops and licenses liveness detection software that enables fingerprint-scanning technologies to more accurately, and with greater confidence, authenticate scanned images by mitigating spoof-related risks. The company also provides testing and analysis of fingerprint scanning devices to identify existing vulnerabilities to known spoofing strategies. The company’s founders represent some of the world’s leading authorities on biometric spoof mitigation and liveness detection.

About Current and Future Applications of Biometric Technologies Joint Hearing

The Joint Hearing examined the potential benefits biometric technologies can provide the American people, while also considering the potential policy implications of biometric implementation. Specifically, the hearing explored the current state of biometric technologies and future applications that may transform the lives of Americans—while determining the challenges of implementing biometric technologies.