Biometric Authentication is rapidly becoming the desired alternative to conventional authentication methods such as passwords and tokens. In developing and testing their sensor technologies, biometric authentication device manufacturers are required to conduct extensive data collection activities. To supplement or replace internally conducted biometric data collection, manufacturers can turn to NexID Biometrics.

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NexID Biometrics specializes in Biometric Research and biometric data collection. Since 2007, NexID has conducted biometric research and data collection as part of its research and development process in the field of biometric liveness detection. Data collection applications include biometric device, software and solution testing. NexID data collection services include the following:

  • Project Management and Consulting – NexID provides project management and consulting from start to finish.
  • Design of Experiments – NexID’s team of engineers, data scientists, and researchers provide valuable insight to properly design each study.
  • Human Subject and Spoof Data – NexID specializes in collecting biometric data from both human subjects and spoof artifacts using a variety of tactics and materials.
  • Proprietary Subject Management System – NexID’s propriety subject management system allows the targeting of specific population pools over single or multiple visits.
  • Scale – NexID data collection projects can easily scale from a handful of subjects to thousands. Proprietary tools and experienced staff can support large or small populations.
  • Conditional Testing – NexID can test systems and collect data under a variety of collection conditions.
  • Vulnerability Testing – In addition to data collection, NexID’s in-house lab can test systems for vulnerabilities on a variety of levels. Data collection can involve data collected under adverse conditions, and can also include imposter samples.
  • Data Analysis – Once the data has been collected, NexID Biometrics’ experts and statisticians can analyze data to provide a full analysis and review, along with the collected data.

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