Is Fingerprint Spoofing a Serious Issue?

  • Fingerprint scanners are susceptible to spoof attacks, which has been well documented by the biometrics research community.
  • The National Science and Technology Council issued the National Biometrics Challenge. In this report, spoof attacks are listed as a major challenge to be addressed by the biometrics research community.
  • The Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR), funded by the National Science Foundation and the biometrics industry, has sponsored two industry competitions on liveness detection, LiveDet2009 and LiveDet2011.
  • Standards bodies and industry consortiums such as NIST, ISO, and BSI are developing standards for liveness detection.

A number of technical research papers pertaining to NexID Biometrics’ Liveness Detection technology are available. Click on the links below to download and read these documents.

Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing Measures by Schuckers
Perspiration as a Liveness Detection Test by Parthasaradhi, Derakshani, Hornack, Schuckers
Ridge- and Intensity-Based Liveness Detection by Tan, Schuckers