Chaos Computer Club Creates Fingerprint Spoof From Public Photo

As you may have noticed, this past Monday’s biometric story of the day was the claim by the Chaos Computer Club that they were able to produce a working fingerprint spoof from public photos of a subject’s finger, The story’s broad online propagation instigated numerous threads, once again debating the use of biometrics as viable means of authenticating one’s identity using their mobile device.

Regardless of your impression about how easy or difficult it is to spoof a fingerprint sensor (mobile or otherwise), it is clear that such vulnerability exists. However, there are fake finger detection and liveness detection solutions available today that can mitigate the risk associated with spoofing. Some of these solutions are hardware-based and others software-based. And as you may already know, NexID Biometrics provides a leading edge software-based solution …

Biometrics are not likely the “end all” solution to keeping your mobile device, and your identity, secure, but it’s more apparent than ever that biometric authentication will play a key role in this important function going forward. Moreover, it’s very likely that fake finger detection solutions will be making their way to market in the next generation of mobile devices. And with this, mobile device users can enjoy the convenience of fingerprint authentication, along with the confidence their device is more secure. Happy New Year everyone!