FingerprintsOur Liveness Detection SDK allows you to deploy a spoof mitigation solution “in-house.” However, you can also enjoy the flexibility of choosing which elements of your spoof mitigation solution are developed in-house or through professional services from NexID. For example …

√ Image collection – Outsource or supplement your internal image collection efforts through NexID … both live and spoof image collection services are available, and are designed to meet your specifications.

√ Spoof specimens – Again, to supplement your internal efforts, NexID can create libraries of spoof specimens for your internal use, utilizing the latest in spoof creation tactics, materials, and recipes.

√ Algorithm tuning – Once NexID Liveness Detection is deployed onto your biometric devices, NexID engineers can provide algorithm “tuning” to ensure the most optimum performance. Additional device training and testing services, such as “re-training” newer version devices are also available.

√ Biometric spoof analysis (BSA) – A comprehensive analysis of the vulnerability to spoofing (including liveness detection), of fingerprint scanning, biometric authentication devices (pad and swipe). Whether to validate you own internal conclusions, or to expose your devices to a broader array of leading edge spoofing tactics, the NexID BSA provides an independent “second opinion” regarding the vulnerability of your device to these ever increasing threats.

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