NexID Liveness Detection and Spoof Mitigation Flow Chart

FREE Liveness Detection SDK from NexID Biometrics – Our patented, software-based liveness detection algorithms work by exploiting the fundamental image differences between a live fingerprint and a spoof. These algorithms can be retrofitted and tailored to fingerprint systems with minimal cost and effort to enhance security. Benefits include:

  • Ease of integration / deployment – software based solution, no additional hardware
  • Access to the latest technology in liveness detection solutions
  • Tailored solutions to address identified risks and vulnerabilities of existing scanners
  • Broadened acceptance of your technology and increased market share
  • Create entry barriers while positioning your solution for future liveness standards

SDK Functionality – The following features comprise our Liveness Detection SDK functionality …

  • Image Loading and Enhancement
  • Liveness Feature Extraction
  • Liveness Classifier Training / Testing
  • Results Reporting / Charting
  • Deployment Test Tool

For a FREE download of the NexID Liveness Detection SDK, please complete and submit the following information.

Please note: In order to receive access to our SDK, you must agree to the terms of our license agreement. Please read the license agreement in its entirety before submitting your request. Distribution of NexID Liveness Detection technology requires execution of a software license agreement. For more information please email


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